Hiring Licensed Vendors for Repairs: Why it's Necessary for Your San Diego Rental

Hiring Licensed Vendors for Repairs: Why it's Necessary for Your San Diego Rental - Article Banner

Maintaining your San Diego investment property means paying attention to the quality of work that’s done at your home. Costs are rising, thanks to inflation and a high demand for labor, materials, and housing supplies. That can make it tempting to cut corners. Maybe you’re putting off maintenance projects at your rental property or perhaps you’re thinking about looking for cheaper labor. 

We understand the inclination. It’s important to think about your bottom line. 

But, you don’t want to cut the corners that protect you and your property. 

Even in the current market, it’s not impossible to find cost-effective repair work. But, it should never be at the expense of quality and safety. 

We recommend that you only use licensed vendors and contractors when repairs are needed at your rental property. Make sure they have insurance as well. You can get into a lot of legal trouble if something goes wrong with an uninsured, unlicensed worker. You’ll end up spending far more than what you thought you were saving. 

Good maintenance is an investment, not a commodity.

San Diego Rental Property Repairs Require Expertise

When your investment property needs something fixed or replaced, you want the problem taken care of correctly the first time. This is why it’s so important to work with licensed vendors. A professional plumber, electrician, painter, roofer, or other repair person will have the experience and the expertise required to complete the repair correctly and maintain your San Diego investment property. 

If something goes wrong or the issue isn’t completely resolved, a licensed vendor will come back to check on their work and make sure they find a solution. 

Licensed vendors and contractors are committed to keeping their customers happy. They’re going to stand by their work, and they’re going to make sure that all of your expectations are met. If you’re putting together a preferred list of vendors (which you should), make sure you’re assembling a team of professionals who take pride in the work they do and never stop earning your business.  

Unlicensed Maintenance Opens You Up to Liability Issues

What if something happens to an unlicensed, uninsured worker at your property? 

Someone could fall off a ladder. Get electrocuted. Cut off a finger. 

There’s danger inherent in a lot of maintenance work. Licensed and professional workers will insure themselves against these risks. If the people you hire to work at your property get injured and cannot pay for their own medical care, they’re going to come back to you. Expect a lawsuit or a claim. 

That’s a lot of liability. 

It’s not worth the risk. Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t have adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Ask for proof of that insurance before you hire a company or a vendor.

Licensed Vendors Respect Your San Diego Tenants

You also owe it to your residents to send high quality, professional workers over to the property. Tenants don’t want to open the door to someone who has not been properly screened. Your residents want to know you’re sending a professional who is licensed, insured, and respectful.  

Using the right vendors also shows your tenants that you care about the property and their needs. This will help with tenant satisfaction and improve your tenant retention rates. 

We know you’re trying to save money on maintenance. Don’t downgrade your vendor selection. Stick to professionals who care enough about the work they do and the services they provide to be licensed and insured. 

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Better yet - leverage the relationships and resources of a San Diego property management company. Contact us at Mercer Properties, and we’ll talk about our preferred list of vendors and contractors who we trust.