5 Tips to Improve Communication with San Diego Tenants

5 Tips to Improve Communication with San Diego Tenants - Article Banner


The relationship you establish with your San Diego tenants will impact what you earn on your investment property. Good relationships lead to better tenant retention, on-time rental payments, and an easier rental experience for everyone. 

The cornerstone of any good relationship, of course, is communication. 

Be mindful of the way you communicate with tenants before the lease period begins and during the tenancy. Here are 5 tips that will help you improve your communication and your relationship.

1. Set Communication Expectations and Boundaries Early 

Your tenants need to know what to expect in terms of communication. This starts with the first moment of contact - when they get in touch about your property. Answer them promptly and schedule a showing. If you don’t return calls and you’re slow to answer messages, you’re signaling that you won’t be the easiest landlord to communicate with if they do rent your property. 

When you’re signing the lease and managing the move-in details, make sure your tenants have all your contact information. Let them know when you are available and how they should contact you. It’s okay to set boundaries. For example, you might invite them to call or text you between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

You’ll need to be available after hours for emergencies. Make sure your tenants know what qualifies as an emergency.  

2. Provide Multiple Ways to Communicate 

San Diego tenants have different preferences when it comes to communication. Some of your residents might prefer phone calls while others might be more comfortable texting or emailing. Keep yourself open to all different types of communication and provide platforms that make it easy for your tenants to get in touch. 

3. Be Responsive to Questions and Complaints 

Good communication requires responsiveness. Tenants need to feel like you’re going to listen when they come to you with a problem. 

Always respond right away, even if the resolution might take some extra time. You want your tenants to know that you care and you have a plan in place. 

This is especially important during maintenance requests. Don’t let those things linger. When a repair request comes in, get in touch with your tenants right away to talk through the problem and share your plan for making the necessary repair or replacement. 

4. Follow Up after Maintenance 

Tenant satisfaction is important, especially when it comes to maintenance. If they report a plumbing problem, contact your tenants after the plumber has finished the work. Ask if the problem was solved and if they were happy with the way the repair was handled. You need to know that it was a good experience. You also want to provide an opportunity to hear their feedback if something could have been handled better. 

5. Validate and Appreciate Good San Diego Tenants

Thank TenantsDon’t forget to just be nice. This can come through with positive communication. Thank your tenants when rent is paid on time. Check in from time to time to see if there’s anything they need from you. Your San Diego residents shouldn’t hear from you only when something is wrong. Tell them you appreciate their quick reporting of any maintenance issues. When you communicate your appreciation for your tenants, they’re likely to stay longer and take good care of your property. 

Remember that tenants are your customers, and you need to communicate with them that way. If you aren’t sure you have the time or the resources to manage tenant relationships and improve communication, it’s likely time to work with a San Diego property manager who can make it a priority. We’d be happy to help. Contact us at Mercer Properties.