3 Security Methods to Protect Your San Diego Rental Property

3 Security Methods to Protect Your San Diego Rental Property - Article Banner

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, rental homes are more likely to be burglarized than homes where owners are the occupants. That’s a sobering fact, and a good reason to do everything you can to increase the security at your San Diego rental property

Tenants expect to live in a home that’s maintained, habitable, and safe. Today, we’re talking about some of the things you can do to make your property more inviting to qualified tenants and less inviting to criminals. 

Take a look at these three security methods that we recommend.

1. Exterior Lighting and Landscaping 

Most crimes begin with opportunity. If you can reduce the opportunity at your rental property, you’ll have a good chance of protecting your investment and the tenants who are living there. 

Start with good lighting. Exterior lighting should be bright, well-placed, and reliable. Motion-detecting lights can be especially useful. For single-family homes and even townhouses, you can install a floodlight around doors and windows and even garages. Ground floor apartments can also benefit from an automatic light that responds to movement. Lights around the building or the house that come on with timers are also a good investment. 

Make sure there aren’t any bushes or trees blocking the windows. You don’t want to give someone an opportunity to hide there and you also want your tenants to have a clear view out their windows so they know who is at the door or what kind of vehicle has stopped at their home. 

2. Video Doorbell Installation 

One of the most popular security features to arrive in the last few years is the video doorbell. 

When you install a video doorbell, tenants will have the opportunity to see who is at the door before they answer it. They can even sync the doorbell with the phones or smart devices so they can see who is at the property even when they’re not home. 

Smart home technology can make tenants feel a lot safer, and when you can offer things like video doorbells, you’ll not only increase the security you provide, you’ll also have the opportunity to increase your rental value. Good tenants are willing to pay for features such as this. 

3. Security Cameras in San Diego Rental Buildings 

security camera

Some people are uncomfortable with security cameras because of privacy concerns. But, they can be incredibly useful when it comes to keeping your San Diego rental property safe for residents. Those cameras are an ideal way to see who is coming and who is going. You can track activity at the property, and if something goes wrong, there will be footage to review. 

Installing a security camera will allow you to alert your tenants if you notice any unusual visitors or strange activity near the property. It will record any attempts criminals may make at breaking in, allowing the police to identify suspects. 

Simply having a security camera visible is likely to deter would-be burglars from attempting to get into your property. 

These are just three of the best ways to increase your security. We’d be happy to provide a more customized plan for your San Diego rental property. Please contact us at Mercer Properties.